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Gil Garcia to Headline IFTA Symposium Opening Ceremonies

On the first day of symposium opening ceremonies Gil Garcia will present a workshop in the city of Tepic, Nayarit. The theme of the workshop is “Think Globally, Prosper Locally” based on successful best practices of bringing resources to communities, by forming citizen committees that can integrate into international networks.

Presentations will include:

• History, mission, benefits offered by Sister Cities International (SCI).
• History, the mission of Rotary International (RI) that coincides with the
mission of SCI in areas of social and economic impact projects.
• The history, mission of the US migrant club international network and how it
fits well with SCI and the Rotary mission.
• The history, the mission of the International Firefighters Training Association
(IFTA) that invites firefighters in municipalities to training events in
cooperation with Sister Cities, Rotarians and Migrant Clubs.
• Examples of best practices that demonstrate how municipalities in Mexico
could prosper locally through the integration into international networks
membership, which promotes productive alliances
• Information on attending the 2024 SCI International all America’s
Summit Conference that will take place with opening Tuesday May 28 and
Closing Friday, May 31, 2024
• ⁠Other networks will be mentioned like Direct Relief International and Rotary
Heart to Heart projects in Mexico in cooperation with US Rotary Clubs

We hope that the outcome of the workshop will be to follow up with more detailed information to interested municipalities on how to create a local committee of sister cities that could participate in the SCI citizen diplomacy network, establish links between people and prosper locally through international networks.

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