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IFTA Visits Ixtlan Del Rio and Tepic Firefighters.

Jack Kou from the International Firefighters Training Association meets with the firefighters from Ixtlan Del Rio and Tepic to start planning some training classes and equipment donations.

Pictured are:
Salvador Velasco (Firefighter / Bombero) Base: Ixtlan Del Rio
Alberto Sanchez Valdivia (State Director Nayarit / Director de Bomberos del Estado Nayarit) – Base: Tepic)
Jack Kou International Firefighters Training Association
Mario Vazquez Montes De Oca (Chief / Jefe de Grupo) – Base: Tepic
Licenciado Pedro Nuñez Bueno (Jurisdictional Chief / Jefe del Juridico) – Base Tepic
Alejandro Bustos (Firefighter / Bombero) Base: Ixtlan Del Rio


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